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Uttaran 300x225 Uttaran“Uttaran” is one of the most popular prime time television shows aired on Colors TV in between 10:00pm- 10:30pm. It has so far garnered good TRP ratings, as it has huge fan base on a global note. “Uttaran” is a story of two friends named Iccha and Tapasya, who are two school going kids and good friends. Tapasya is a girl child of a rich landlord in a village and Iccha is the daughter of a maid servant working in Tapasya’s house.

Initially, everything seems pretty, until Tapasya’s grandmother poisons the mind of Tapasya. Tapasya develops hatred for Iccha and the TV series took a generation leap after a lot of drama. Iccha turns into a beauty, while Tapasya also turns into a beauty with hatred towards Iccha in her heart. Things worsen up, when Tapasya’s would-be gets attracted to ichcha’s good nature and marries her. Soon, Tapasya becomes a villain in this TV series and the saga continues.

Now, “Uttaran” has taken another generation leap and Tapasya and Ichcha are show in mother roles; where Ichacha’s daughter looks identical to Ichcha, while tapasya’s beautiful daughter keeps the legacy of hating Ichcha’s daughter.

The twists and turns in the storyline and the gripping screenplay will surely keep you glued to the television in coming days, as “Uttaran” will witness the death of Ichcha under suspicious circumstances.

rashami desai saree 200x300 Uttaran rashmi desai uttaran 201x300 Uttaran Rashmi desai 199x300 Uttaran Uttaran actress 266x300 Uttaran

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  1. Uttarn is my best Tv serial . Very Nice drama ……….

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