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Udaya Bhanu

Name : Udaya Bhanuudaya bhanu Udaya Bhanu
Age:  33 years
weight: 58 kgs
height : 5.6
Drinking : Yes
smoking : Yes
Married : yes
Husband Name: Vijay Kumar
Langs : Telugu, Kannada
Udaya Bhanu Rate:  Udaya Bhanu rate is 6k to 25k per day episode.

Udaya Bhanu tv shows

Horlicks Hrudayanjali
Once More Please
Nee Illu Bangaram Kaanu
Jaanavule Nerajaanavule
Saahasam Cheyara Dimbhakaa
Rela Re Rela

Udaya Bhanu Bio :  Uday Banu at age 15 debuted in etv telugu as tv show Horlicks Hrudayanjali as anchor. Uday Banu later became top most tv star and hosted lot of high trp show and events.  Uday Banu did few item numbers and small roles in telugu and kannada movies.  Uday Banu was married to Vijay Kumar and later had legal probs with his mother and brother.

Uday item songs in telugu movies

Aapada Mokkula Vadu

Udaya Bhanu Photo Gallery :

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