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Tv actress in saree

Tv actress in saree photos :

Tv actress in saree Tv actress in saree

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  1. Where can one find the most -**y saree women or salwar kurta girl on soap operas which aired on indian tv channels like colors, sony, etc

  2. Akhil Kumar Gurram

    if possible mention about the type of blouse, drape, material of saree etc, am doing a fashion story on the same.

  3. TECH ENGG at Emplyeee

    and also tell what are u wearing this time

  4. Ulises Franco Sanchez

    Even the smallest TV actor have wikipedia then I wonder there is this popular TV actress whom I didn’t found on wikipedia. Then there is one Indian actor John Abraham. I don’t think he is on twitter. There are many twitter accounts in his names and many people follow that too. But am not sure it is his own account or created by his fans. Because on twitter if the account is of public figure then there is a verification tick mark beside it. But for this particular actor I don’t found any verification tick mark on any account of his name… Does it mean he don’t have verified twitter account despite being so popular

  5. They may well have made a movie or two, but are primarily known for their tv work ?
    Including tv actresses too.
    Just wondering ?

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