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Tamil serial actress navel

vahida tamil tv actress navel show Tamil serial actress navel

Tamil serial actress navel : Tamil serial actress are popular in south indian tv industry. Most of tamil serial actress are from Malayalam and other langs but got popular in tamil. Sun tv is leading channel and most of them work in sun network. here are few popular south serial actress showing navel.

Bhuvaneswari navel
Bhuvaneswari serial actress navel Tamil serial actress navel
Sonia navel
Sonia Agarwal navel Tamil serial actress navel

mahalakshmi navel

mahalakshmi navel Tamil serial actress navel

Tamil serial actress navel photo gallery


  1. I really want to be an actress, and my mom said in maybe one or two years, but how do I help myself in becoming one?

  2. Smk taman ria jaya

    Well i would like to be an actress i love to act and i am told all the time i should become one and I am now a junior in high school so I think it is time to start now. please help thx in advance.

  3. I’m 19 years old, how do I become an actress? No my family is not well of or rich. How can I learn to act and become an actress?

  4. Okay. So everyone says that your dream will come true if you follow it.
    Well, I want to become an actress and I can’t find a school near where I live to take some classes. I live in Grand Prairie and I want to take summer classes.. I’ve been wanting to be an actress for a long time but I just don’t know where to start… It’s my dream and I want to fulfill it.
    Can anyone help me, please?

  5. I really want to become an actress but I’ve never been to acting class before because we couldn’t afford it. If I showed up at an audition for a movie or TV show would they still let me audition even though I’ve never had acting classes or any other kind of acting experiences, apart from school plays when younger.

  6. I have a passion to become an actress. I am a horrible singer and dancer though…. On my audition for acting schools will I be less qualified for that school because I am not strong in those areas?

  7. This question has always made me wonder what would happen to the film and what would happen to the actress and the other stars if the main actress of a film were to fall pregnant in the middle of filming… ANY ONE KNOW? THANKS!

  8. Hi. I have wanted to become an actress ever since i could understand the concept of acting. I’ve always been dramatic, artistic, open minded, quick learning, and blunt. I luckily live in New York City, but have NO idea where to start. It has always been my dream to act, and will do anything to achieve it. Anyone want to help enlighten me on where i should start? Thanks
    P.S. I’m 15.
    P.P.S, I am NOT related to anyone of high importance or fame at all.

  9. Right now I’m 12 years old and I want to become a famous singer and actress. I want to accomplish this at age 15. Is that possible?
    I already attend my school’s drama club, I take acting classes and I am signing up to be on the church choir.

  10. I think that i want to become an actress, but it’s only because i want to be famous. I cant sing and i dont dance so i figured that this would be the only option for me. If this is not a good idea, then what should i do? What is something positive that i can be rich and famous for?

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