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Sasural Simar Ka

Sasural Simar Ka Sasural Simar Ka

‘Sasural Simar Ka’ is a Colors TV channel daily soap aired in the time slot of 7:30pm – 8:00pm. This TV serial is a about a young girl named Simar, who goes to dance in a TV show, instead of attending her own marriage and sitting in the mandap. In a matter of confusion, Simar’s aunt makes her younger sister Rooli sit in the mandap and the whole marriage rituals are performed on Rooli. Later on, Simar’s husband Prem learns that he married Rooli and not Simar, who was sitting in disguise of her elder sister.


After some drama, Simar and Prem get married again and Rooli gets married, to Prem’s cousin Siddhanth. Now, the two young couples are involved in serious romance, when suddenly things turn drastically.


A new character in the name Khushi enters their household. She is a basically a bar dancer, who in disguise of an orphan has come into the household in order to take revenge on Simar. After much drama, Simar looses her pregnancy and soon Khushi becomes a rented mother of Simar & prem’s child. Due to Khushi’s plans, Simar and her whole family sacrifice their entire riches, only for the sake of the child, borne by Khushi. Khushi’s boyfriend Veeru enters the house and falls in love with Rooli. Rooli tries to trap him and brings him on to the verge of marriage, only to make him write the whole property back onto her family’s name.


In the meantime, Siddhanth in an inebriated condition makes Naina, his office colleague pregnant and now a new twist in the story is taking place.


In order to know more details please follow Sasural Simar Ka on colors, as Veeru escapes law and kidnaps rooli and Prem looses his life in coming episodes.

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