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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 300x168 Madhubala

“Madhubala” is a daily soap aired on Colors Television in between 8:30pm- 9:00pm time slot. This TV serial is a popular TV serial based on a girl, who is fortunately born on the sets of a movie making. She grows up seeing the light and dark shades of the glam world and turns into a beautiful and educated teenager named Madhu.


Madhu is an ambitious girl, who wants to stay out the glam world and has her own dreams in her life. But destiny has something else ready for her as she falls in the eyes of noted actor RK. RK is a popular star, who has a great fan following. Unfortunately, he happens to involve in an accident, where Madhu’s friend gets badly hurt. When Madhu’ tries to raise her voice in the media, RK notices her and this bring the couple together, where, initially, they are against each other. RK somehow makes Madhu forcibly marry him due to circumstances. Initially the couple is against each other, but then again they fall in love with each other.


Soon, new twists and turns start to develop in their marriage life and suddenly Madhu receives a jolt. RK announces in public that he was never in love with Madhu and all that has happened till date was just a drama. The couple decides to split in a formal note and soon RK starts to miss Madhu and her love towards him.


Very soon, more developments in the story and new characters are going to enter this daily soap, to make it peppy and so please do watch it on a regular note.

Madhubala Madhubala


  1. Akhil Kumar Gurram

    i want a name that is not so old like madhu or madhubala and not too modern like miley .
    it should be unique

  2. Akhil Kumar Gurram

    As like , Lata Mangeshakar , Asha Bhosale ,Kishor kumar , Mohamad Rafi, Mukesh , S.D. Barman , R.D.Barman ,
    Naushad , Deo Ananad , Amitabh Bachchan , Dhramendra ,
    Rajesh Khanna , Dilip Kumar , Jeetendra , Hema Malini
    Madhubala , Ananad Bakshi , Sahir etc

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