Likitha Kamini

Likitha Kaamini telugu serial actress and anchor

likitha kamini marriage photo Likitha Kamini

5 thoughts on “Likitha Kamini

  1. Paada BAANISA

    My Goddess the day I had seen you on TV, I started, worshiping you as My Goddess. I am want to be a SLAVE, under your sacred feet,like a Dog,kneeling obediently and submissively with devotion,placing my fore-head on the holly toes of My Goddess,awaiting for orders to serve My Goddesses feet.I will eat My Goddesses SHITT,drink her piss and lick all of my goddesses excretions of her body. My Goddess may keep me like Dog with a leash around my neck, and lash me with a whip. The very touch Of My Goddesses feet is heaven to me. My slavery shall be an eternity.

  2. Mee Paada Baanisagaadu

    LIKHITA Devata as a Slave Under your most Sacred and holy feet, I want to live eating Your sacred and holy SHITT drink your Urine. My Goddess please give me the boon of Eating your Most Sacred Holy Scat(Shit). Please Goddess Show me Mercy. Your Shit &urine are AMRUTAM and Holy PRASAADAM &TEERTHAM to me My Goddess.


      LIKHITA DEVATA, came in my dream,gave me a boon of being my Goddess TOILET-SLAVE. Commands me to shave my head and face wetting with her holy Urine. I did wet all my head, and face with my Goddesses sacred Piss, shaved my head leaving thread on head to enable my Goddess to hold my head and face totally shaving even the eye-brows. My Goddess put a chain around my neck like a Dog. My Goddess commanded that I should be on my knees all my life, be faithful, devoted, dedicated, and most submissive at her feet with folded hands chanting “NAMO LIKHITA DEVATAAYA NAMO NAMAHA”. Serve my Goddess and beg and pray for shitting in my mouth. with mercy My Goddess allowed and scat in my mouth and said I must be her toilet commode all my life and eat every speck of her shitt with devotion. Drink al her piss lick all the sweat, menses juices, cum, spit tugs, vomits every thing is my Goddesses holy Prasaadam&teertham.


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