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Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu 199x300 Balika Vadhu‘Balika Vadhu’ is one of the most popular television shows on Indian television aired on Colors TV Channel in between 8:00pm- 8:30pm time slot. This TV serial is based on a story revolving around child marriages and is set up in Rajasthan’s rural background. Balika Vadhu which is aired in 27 regional channels across 37 countries in the world is a story of an eight year old young school going girl named Anandi. ‘Anandi’’s parents marry her to a boy named Jagadish.

Jagadish hails from a rich family and lives along with his parents, grandmother and paternal uncle and aunt. Anandi is treated well by her in-laws who look after their young bahu as their own child. When the two kids reach adolescence, both side parents decide to separate them for a while, till they gain mental maturity. After finishing of their teenage days, both are again re-united.

After the reunion, Jagadish in order to study medicine and meets a girl named Gauri. Then he realizes that he is not in love with Anandi and has fallen in love with Gauri. So, he marries Gauri and brings her to his hometown, where Anandi’s life gets shattered and his family rejects him and his second marriage. Later on the newly married couple move to Mumbai and soon differences start to erupt, as soon as Jagadish divorces Anandi and remarries Gauri.

In the meantime, a new collector named Shiv comes to Anandi’s village and soon he falls in love with the innocence of Anandi. Soon love blossoms in between them and finally in the presence of Chief Minister of Rajasthan, their marriage is performed on a high spirit.

In order to know more about this interesting plot, please follow Balika Vadhu, as the TV serial is filled with more twists and turns as Jagadish is going to marry Ganga and a lot of developments take place in Anandi’s life as well.

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