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Babitha jose malayalam serial actress

Babitha jose malayalam serial actress photos from surya tv serial.

Babitha jose malayalam serial actress navel show photos Babitha jose malayalam serial actress


  1. I am a 13 year old girl who is almost 14 and would like to act. I would like to act on Disney Channel or something like that. I have only done acting for school plays so I have somewhat experience in acting. I used to take photos when I was younger and do some auditions but I think it would be fun to be on tv and make friends. I know it will be hard too, but any tips on acting and am I too old for Disney Channel? Thanks!

  2. Akhil Kumar Gurram

    Okay so I really wanna be an actress but I don’t know where to start! So how can i become an actress?

  3. My dream is to become an actress. Yeah, its like a 1 in a million shot almost but i strongly believe i can do it. I just don’t know how to get my name out there! Do you know of any casting calls for 14 year olds? or anything? please help!

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