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Agni Poolu Telugu Serial

Agni Poolu Telugu Serial 300x162 Agni Poolu Telugu Serial

Agni Poolu is one of the prime time Gemini TV serial, which is aired in between 8:00 pm- 8:30pm time slot. This is a story of four friends named Neelaveni, Sonia, Mythili and Rajyalakshmi. The crux of this television drama is how friendship remains stable and untouched despite different twists and turns in life. Four young girls, who are fresh out of college, are in search of a path which can lead to their respective destinations. But as usual, life has different plans for them and corners them with timely struggles. As a result, one girl ends up becoming a politician; one is seen as a human rights activist, one as a model/upcoming heroine and the last but not the least as a write.


Although, four friends end up pursuing different careers, they some how connect with each other and try to manipulate and utilize each other. As life takes different turns good friends break away, only to unite again. They start to realize that the true of essence of life is to strengthen human bonding with their chaste thoughts and deeds.


This TV serial is shot in an aesthetic way and is good to be watched by the whole family. Famous Telugu TV serial director Manjula Naidu who directed mega serials like Ruthuragalu, Kasturi, Kalachakram, Aatmeyulu and Chakravakam has carved this TV serial into a blockbuster.


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  1. I like the fire in Raju character in Agnipoolu. Actually, I am very crazy about Raju character. Because, she is very beautiful and dynamic. Every ladyshould be like her.

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